Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wolfgang Stiller

German artist Wolfgang Stiller created the ‘Matchstickmen’ using head moulds that he had laying around his studio. The giant matchsticks created of thick pieces of lumber are standing or lying in the room. The faces are all different and meant to look as if they simply emerged in the wood after burning each flammable tip.Wolfgang Stiller acquired several head moulds and large pieces of wood. After experimenting with the various components the artist struck on an idea to create several large-scale burnt matches where the charred remains of each tip appeared as the face of a human, a series he calls Matchstickmen. While Stiller leaves the meaning of the artworks open for interpretation the pieces exist in a surprisingly strange area between morbid and humorous. At a distance each match seems almost laughable in its appearance almost like a toy bobble head, but up close the sombre, lifeless faces often resting in coffin-like matchboxes are pretty disconcerting. 

All images © Wolfgang Stiller | Via: Hypenotice

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