Thursday, 16 January 2014

How To Paint Kitty in Your Loafers

Add Lace To Your Old Pair Of Flats

Painted Heart on your Jeans

How To Make Summer Bracelet

                      D.I.Y Mini Notebook From Cereal Box

   Best way to studded bra

 Wonderful Cutlery Holder

Such a cutlery holder is really easy to make but it is useful and nice. You will have to use a piece of an old cloth that you don’t need anymore. Attach or sew it to a hard object and decorate it if you want. Hang it on the wall and it will be helpful at any time.

Idea Edible Chocolate Bowl

That bowl made of chocolate looks really delicious and appetizing. You can make such one on your own. Just use a balloon and pour it with chocolate. After some time let it go down and you’ll see that the chocolate figure keeps its shape. You can fill it with fruits and it will look awesome.

It’s simple to personalize your smartphone like that on the photo. Just choose some image that you like and cut it in the size and shape of your mobile. Put it in the protector and place it on the phone. It’s an easy way to make it more distinctive and unique.

It is a simple creation but can be really useful. Put a round board under and upon a tire. By means of a drilling machine and a screwdriver attach them to the wire and round it with a rope. The result might be one comfortable and elegant ottoman for your living-room.

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