Wednesday, 29 January 2014


The paper sculptures Rogan Brown are full of delicacy and grace. Inspired by natural macroscopic or microscopic forms and patterns, the artist shapes the paper with precision and detail. An impressive work experience to be discovered in pictures. Rogan Brown creates incredibly intricate sculptures out of layers of hand-cut paper. Inspired by scientific illustration and model making, he constructs imaginary organic forms that reflect his fascination with the immense detail and complexity of the natural world.The process of creation is long and painstaking with some pieces taking up to five months to complete, but Brown insists that this labour is an essential element in the meaning of the work. ‘I have chosen paper as a medium because it captures perfectly that mixture of delicacy and durability that for me characterizes the natural world’. He wants to communicate his fascination with the immense complexity and intricacy of natural forms, and states that his intention is to recreate that moment of awe and wonder we had as children when we looked through a microscope for the first time.

All images © Rogan Brown | Via: My Modern Met

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