Sunday, 26 January 2014


Painter Felipe Achondo specialized in abstract realism paintings with great emphasis in the human figure and interiors. Further he has been in a constant research and development of figurative oil painting technics, which are in contrast to classic realism, where the work of realism is expressed in the whole aspects of painting, leaving ‘imperfections or mistakes’ on purpose as an essential part of the piece. ‘The main thematic that I am actually working on situates the human figure in empty spaces and interiors, mixing the thematic of 2010 with my portraits of 2012 to 2013′, the artist explains.
He says about him and his work: "My name is Felipe Achondo Moya, I was born in 1982 in Santiago, Chile.
I paint since I was 12 years old, thru my short trajectory I have participated in several collective shows in different Chilean cities, including Santiago. I’m currently focused in my first solo exhibition in Santiago. In this blog I’d like to share some of my present work with you, as well as any other stuff I might come up with in the near future."

All images © Felipe Achondo

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