Saturday, 3 March 2012

Design Duo Create Mind-Blowing Thread and Nail Portraits

Design duo Pamela Campagna and husband Thomas Scheiderbauer of L-able created these two intricate thread portraits using old family photographs. Each piece took nearly a month, beginning with the large family portrait using black thread and moving on to the multi-toned woman. I’m such a sucker for this kind of work, being drawn to the geometry that’s used to create the organic shapes.

Michael Hansmeyer

The Ornamented Columns of Michael Hansmeyer make the unimaginable to come true through the use of new technologies and subdivision processes. He creates columns whose forms make you think that they come from a different world. Michael Hansmeyer talks to Yatzer about his computational project.Intricately carved, these are simple cardboard columns which have been devised on the designer’s computer using a subdivision algorithm. This algorithm actually allows between 8 and 16 million facets. Involving detailed carving, it is sure to blow the onlookers minds. It is not a very expensive procedure. The process takes $1500 and about 15 hours. It is made with the help of three laser cutters which work in parallel.