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Bea Szenfeld

 Born 23 December 1972 is a Swedish fashion designer . She often uses old fabrics or fabric from secondhand clothing and materials. In her vintage collections , this becomes most visible. For instance, she designs the tops with a lot of their origin remains but inside out or back to front and redesigned with the help of insiders, teenagers, bleaching, dyeing and applications to create new creations.
Bea Szenfeld graduated in 2002 from Beckmans College of Design . Her final project and won the H & M Design Award.
In 2003 won Bea Szenfeld competition and reality television program Fashion House , about five Swedes who for two months in Rome competed against other young European designers on a three-month internship with the fashion house, Stella McCartney .  The practice was extended to eight months.
In 2005, Bea created their own exhibition, To much is never enough , which consisted of his own works on the theme of recycling . The exhibition was shown to the public at Kulturen in Lund , Region Kristianstad and Falkenberg Museum .

 The photographs in this post started off smoothly with ALTEWAISAOME’s clean and sophisticated spring/summer 2014 collection, and then BAM!, it’s Bea Szenfeld’s surreal designs made out of paper. Yes, you read right, PAPER.

During Stockholm Fashion Week in August 2006 produced Bea Szenfeld a joint fashion show with Gunilla Pontén . In the same year was awarded Bea Szenfeld stipedium from the Artsfor paper collection Paper Dolls exhibited at Liljevalchs during Vårsalången 2007.
When Tommy Hilfiger visited Sweden in 2007, she designed a window to their store. She has collaborated with the Japanese company Sanrio who created Hello Kitty . Bea also designed the invitations to the party planner Michael Bindefeld . In collaboration with the Italian company Barilla has Bea designed dress made ​​of pasta .
In May 2009, featuring Bea exhibition Traditions at Kulturen in Lund , an interpretation of the Traditional Traditions . Bea featured a collection entirely made ​​of material PVC on Elmia Polymer Fair in 2009.
The award of the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm 2010 bar musician Björk one of Bea Szenfelds creations.
Bea Szenfeld is a member of management, the so-called core group, to 2.6 million club created and run by Alexandra Charles .

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