Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My weave project about my baby`s heart beats...

At he end I made very good project becouse of my daughter.I am very pleased.

My work has been chosen to use Second Year Exhibition Poster .

And cord made rug flexible.

Then I found out very nice technique, like I used cord inside the knitted piece but knit piece used reverse side.Opposite side was more soft and fluffy and looks more confortable.

Tried several shapes and yarns.

As a knit project I wanted to make a knitted rug.

This is our exhibition going on second term.I made several things all inspired from my baby and her heart beats and her sounds graffics.

I tried to use light inside the weave.At the begining was working but few line later light stopped working maybe I squeezed yarn to much between light and loom maybe.So I had to removed all of them.

I used sticks to make pattern fluffy and curly.I weved with sticks and then you need to remove after all finished.

I tried diffirent yarns some of them worked some of them like this image not worked.Purple yarn made pattern almost unvisible.

I dyed my yarns.This yarn was viscose and when it is wet that was very heavy actually.

I used this loom working with foot I couldn`t sit hours and hours while working.:) I must say hard work...


I like to use her heartbeat graffics.Photos taking while she was in my tummy:)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fish Market Project

Fish Market Project

Looks nice I think at least...

I have decided to do knitted mood board and I used pocket technique to do it.

My drawing from my sketchbook,working on fish scale.