Friday, 17 February 2017

Ditte Sorensen

Ditte Sorensen is Denmark based textile artist.Ditte sews pictures on a sewing machine and combines ancient craft traditions with new media. All original images are based on either fabric, or sewn paper collages, where many works contain hidden surprises, such as auditory impressions as QR codes with “spoken words” and other quirky stories.

In the Madstich collection you can also find a series of artworks, that are anything but fairytales. They are about vanity and the fear of dying. The result is three portraits, that are sewn on water-soluble fabric. After sewing the fabric is washed away, the threads are dried and placed in a transparent frame where they are pressed. The intention is to portray the fact that we will all disappear one day. Every portrait has an auditive impression – a QR-code hidden in an earring. The codes can be scanned with a mobile phone and play a conversation about the fear of dying and a poem with the title “Når jeg bliver gammel” (when I get old). The three portraits are named “Disappear”.

“I sew my artworks, freehand embroidery, on my old Bernina sewing machine. My working methods and approach are constantly experimenting. I explore and test the limits, both in my visual expression, as well as in my techniques and my use of methods. I see it a bit like my playground. It also drives me to constantly challenge myself and try something new and often many things happen between the first idea to the finished work. The genesis of my works have great relationship with the story I would like to convey. It is often with a love for the odd angles or in some way socially relevant”, Ditte Sørensen explains.

Here you can see a few of Madstitch (Ditte Sorensen)  artworks, but visit the artisan profile to see the full collection:
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