Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Each Line One Breath: Morphogenetic Freehand Drawings By John Franzen

Netherlands-based artist John Franzen creates textured drawings reminiscent of wrinkled fabric or waves of water by drawing tediously placed rows of lines with black ink. The artist begins by drawing a single vertical line on the far side of a canvas but on subsequent lines allows for various imperfections to become amplified or suppressed as he continues, line after line. The process, which might look maddening, actually appears to be a sort of meditative effort for Franzen who works with almost robotic precision.
John Franzen’s ‘Each Line One Breath’ is a limited edition of fifty freehand drawings in which he focuses on an artistic and graphic interpretation of evolution through the use of simple drawn lines. The drawings are reminiscent of waves of water or light fabric, a breeze of wind has just gone through. Line after line he works his way across the page, triggering a feeling of conjunction with incomparable originality.

From September 5th until September 19th he will be showing his work Dixit Algorizmi at the Morgen Contemporary gallery in Berlin.

‘When I draw, I draw the void. Not the line. I focus on the nothingness around the line. It is a sort of meditation. My mind is clear. My focus is on the mere moment. There is only this one moment. Everything is still. Never thoughts are louder and feelings profounder than in this moment. My mind transcends into bare presence. Personality becomes formless and nameless. With each breath the emptiness is filled more and more. With every line I get closer to my origin…’

All images © John Franzen | Via: The Dancing Rest

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