Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Sharron Hedges was working in welding but wanted a medium that would allow her more ease with personal expression. She found that in 1969 with crochet, which she was introduced to by Janet Lipkin, Jean Williams Cacicdeo and Marika Contompasis (who all have work in Art to Wear Book as well).Sharron enjoyed working with the interplay of two-dimension and three-dimension that crochet offers. By 1984 when Hedges was working on Morpho, she was less concerned than before about the crafting of each stitch and more concerned about the layers of the work, which is why she chose to work in knitting and then use crochet to intricately add to the knit work. Her web site is:

Carter Smith 
  Work by Carter Smith 
Smith has created a multitude of hand-dyed textiles for clothing and wall pieces over the last 40-plus years.The artist uses a combination of acid dyes and fiber reactive dyes along with a discharging agent to selectively add and remove color. He has adapted the traditional art of stitched and bound resist to suit his contemporary esthetic. Smith layers a multitude of colors as the pieces go through as many as 20 steps to completion. Technique: Shibori /Tie-Dye. Material: Silk