Saturday, 18 January 2014

Woven Newspaper Portraits by Gugger Petter

Gugger Petter 

Gugger Petter is a Danish artist with an International career. She studied at Den Frie og Merkantile Kunstskole in Copenhagen, and at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome.

She has since extended her residence to Mexico City, where she created large textile wall pieces for corporate venues and private collectors.

After 1986, Petter started working with newspaper and three-dimensional forms. Petter's work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums both in Europe and in America and her list of private collectors / permanent collections and commissions is extensive.Artist Gugger Petter uses newspaper as her inspiration to create these amazing portraits. With hard work and imagination, she has since discovered a technique allowing her to weave newspaper rolls together to produce actual faces. 
At first sight, Petter's artwork pieces look like paintings, but when one takes a closer look, it becomes visible that the texture and 2D-dimension of her work is unlike any other. Her passion for newspaper and the challenge that is represented when working with it is the reason why she enjoys her work. She explains, "My manipulation of the tubes makes my work very strong, and the colour limitation is a challenge that inspires me for each work I create." The good news about this limitation is that Petter managed to exceptionally overcome it by carefully arranging the material according to colour.

These art pieces by Gugger Petter are a good example of how passion and dedication are a good combination for those looking to create beautiful art.

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