Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lauren Dicioccio

Artist Lauren Dicioccio uses a needle and thread to memorialise news articles, preserving the black and white images of The New York Times via multi-colored stitches. She embroiders snapshots of Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga in her series "sewn news" -- a palindrome paying tribute to the familiar touch and smell of the printed page.
California- based artist Lauren DiCioccio uses needle, thread, and cotton muslin to "mummify" newspapers. The newspaper's photographs and portraits are punctured and woven with pockets of colour, bringing her own style and life to aspects of each picture. "The dedious handiwork and obsessive care I employ to create my work aims to remind the viewer of these simple but intimate pieces of everyday life and to provoke a pang of nostalgia for the familiar physicality of these objects."

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