Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nike Schröder – Urban Threads

Textile artist, Nike Schröder has a passion for art and particularly an interest in materials which started at an early age. Her embroidered works depict snap shots from her daily life. With a simplistic execution of needle and thread on canvas, her technique produces a contemporary illustration style. Schröder‘s customary unfinished threads give texture to the piece and lead the eye giving her work movement and energy. Her latest collaboration is with Selvedge magazine and is featured in issue 52, May/June 2013. See more of her collection on her website, and a selection of pieces are currently being exhibited in Urban Outfitters in Berlin and Hamburg.

Her work is composed carefully and extremely detailed and at the same time seemingly rough and unfinished, leaving the ends of the thread hanging out of the pictures like a possible accident. The loose thread adds an incidental component which is sometimes the result of coincedence and at other times the consequence of precise calculation. Either way the falling threads enrich the work with a movement, the association to gravity and the resemblance of possible body fluids such as blood.(source: Colossal)

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