Sunday, 9 February 2014

Erin Endicott 

Erin Endicott is a fiber artist from Philadelphia.New Jersey artist Erin Endicott uses hand embroidery stitching on vintage textilesthat she stains with walnut ink. The walnut ink goes into the fabric to create the organic outlines of the stitching.  The series is called the ”Healing Sutras,” as the process of adding hand embroidery to the walnut ink stains is a metaphor for healing physical and psychological wounds.

All images  Copyrighted by  Erin Endicott 


  1. Beautiful and at the same time quite disturbing,

  2. Thank you for sharing my work on your blog. I cannot take credit for the piece in the second photo!

    1. so its not your work? i will take it down dear. Also can you give me you links I can add it here.

    2. Have you found out who the map piece is by please?