Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Laura Kenney

Laura is a fibre artist who uses the traditional Nova Scotian craft of rug hooking to create original hand-hooked, hand-dyed, rugs/wall hangings. Laura's work has been described as "whimsical, playful folk art."..."I like that I am keeping with the tradition of rug hooking by drawing my designs on burlap free-hand and using second hand clothing. The clothing comes with an unspoken history which adds to the piece."....Laura's hand-hooked rugs are a link to the past and a hope for the future direction of rug hooking.

Laura lives in a small green house with her husband and 2 children in the town of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. She started rug hooking 12 years ago and is quickly gaining recognition in her field.Laura uses primarily second-hand wool clothing to create her rugs: "When you see a bolt of new wool, there's no personality to it. It's not like seeing an old pair of pants or skirt and thinking of the person who would've worn them -- there is always a story to that. Also, I like using found material as it kept with the tradition of using what you had."

Laura's designs show everyday objects, but with a whimsical touch. Her series of dresses, that seem to show personality, with or without the wearer attached, allow Laura to experiment with colour and pattern.
In 2010, Laura was awarded juried status with the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council and has shown her work at shops and galleries throughout the province.


All images and informations © Laura Kenney