Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Jan Schwab Huling
Jan Schwab Huling was born in Chicago and raised in St. Lou wois. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Kansas City Art Institute her career began with Hallmark Cards. She then migrated to New York working as a product designer, children’s book author and now beadist.
The spectrum of Jan’s beadwork is diverse, from the very first beaded kazoo, to whole table tops. She’ll transform just about any object into a dreamy piece of ornamental luxury. Sorry Mr. Van der Roe, less just isn’t more when we are talking about the scintillating qualities of Jan’s beadwork. She’s not a nudist nor even a Buddhist, Jan is a BEADIST practicing a labor of love within her studio across New York’s great Hudson River in Hoboken.

Jan Huling‘s beaded sculptures are inspired by a continuous fascination with indigenous and popular cultures, as well as world religions and mythologies. Her meticulous work combines found objects with surface design, recontexualizing recognizable objects by adorning them with colorful patterns and infusing them with wonder and whimsy.

All images © Jan Schwab Huling

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