Saturday, 1 February 2014

Inge Jacobsen 

Inge Jacobsen is a London photographer and artist who combines the glamour’s fashion magazines with grandmother’s crochet. His work made  with the technique of cross-stitch on glossy magazines such as Vogue and Harpeer’s Bazzar is as glamour as craft and retro, and so any number of a magazine becomes unique pieces.

Inge Jacobsen is a London-based artist who takes found images sourced from women’s high fashion magazines and pornographic online content and alters them through embroidery, cutting, and collaging.Jacobsen transforms mass-consumed images into individual commentaries on fashion, gender and marketing. She has created a series consisting of cross-stitched Vogue magazine covers. Creating all of her objects by hand, the work period for one piece averages approximately 50 hours.




  1. interesting artist you'd presented in here...but you've mistakenly used some other artist's work in the end...the b&w photos are embroidered by Maurizio Anzeri in a collaboration for Dazed&Confused

  2. waww yes you are right.:) thanks to warning me actually while I am uploading the images I made a mistake :)