Thursday, 21 August 2014

Yulia Ustinova

Yulia Ustinova is a Russian artist who uses the art of crocheting to replicate famous artworks or to arrange new shapes totally made by her.She is creating soft sculptures from crochet with a sculptural form inside. There is nothing granny about her work. It is bold, direct and brings a smile to the viewer.

Yulia has been formally trained in art and has taken her training along with using the old craft of crochet to sculpture her ‘big women’ or in Russian, “tetki” – it means uneducated and ungroomed women.She explains how she decides on the positions "I am taking all my ideas from real life which surrounds me, from my reflections about some events.

Sometimes plasticity dictates the plot, sometimes, on the contrary, feelings and impressions from real life get shape in my works"Works are crocheted very tight and solidly filled with cotton wool. So they are quite solid and about 25cm to 60 cm in size.They are not exhibited constantly, except in Olga Okudzava`s museum of author dolls. Sometimes she has periodic exhibitions at The Central House of Artists.

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  1. You are so talented to be able to make your own designs that can't help but bring a laugh and then to look at the detail ,these are great !!