Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Averil Stuart-Head

She is a Textile/Fibre/Mixed Media Artist, art workshops in painting, fiber art, quilt art, mixed media, felting, collage, taught in a medieval Italian mountain village Introdacqua . She also   like to  experiment   with   different     photo transfer technique's, dyeing wool and felting it into art pieces.    Much  of her work includes the process of layering and she get a good deal of satisfaction from building up texture. She loves that time has marked, peeled, rusted and corroded the surface, similar to the facade of a old painted wall or an old relic, creating an effect that is rich in colour, texture and history. 

Through the use of multi-layered techniques, She likes to peel back the layers as if going back through the passage of time. "This provides contrast and interest and allows the viewer to explore the composition past the immediately obvious central themes..."( that what she says)

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