Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Maryanne Moodie

Originally based in Melbourne, Maryanne now lives in Brooklyn with her family and creates stunning tapestries by hand. She’s only been weaving since 2010, Maryanne has built a devoted following who adore everything from her well-curated vintage collection to her dramatic custom-order wall hangings.Her pieces range from pastel blush tones of peach and pink to bright and bold primary hues—and everything in between. She also experiments with a wide variety of yarn gauges, making her weavings incredibly textural. After relocating from Melbourne, Australia, Maryanne started working out of a studio in New York, where she continues to make each piece by hand. 

She finds her inspirations by looking through art books and visiting galleries. She has a special affinity for textile artists who use color like Nick Cave and Ted Sabarse, and loves the crazy traditional and native fancy dress costumes caught on film by Phyllis Galembo. 

 All images  Copyrighted by Maryanne Moodie


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