Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sue Hotchkis

She is textile artist specializing in contemporary printed and embroidered abstract wall pieces.She has a passionate about exploring surface, texture and space.
Textile artist Sue Hotchkis has won awards such as the Mourant Artist of the Year Prize and her work has been featured in Fiber Art Now magazine as well as the book Textiles: The Art of Mankind.

She says "My surrounding environment  has always influenced me the most; I’m drawn to the insignificant and overlooked. I take photographs all the time, especially when travelling. As in the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi, I treasure the imperfections found in the natural changes that occur in such things as weathered wood, crumbling plaster and peeling paint. My aim is to create fragment like pieces that realise these aesthetic qualities. I want the viewer to appreciate the beauty found in the inherent processes of ageing, and decay. To feel that the work is in a state of flux, its fragile transient beauty captured for a moment before it degrades further. The works’ origin is ambiguous; The artwork evolves over time and can take anything from a week to several months. I work intuitively responding to what develops."


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