Friday, 7 March 2014

Michelle Kingdom

The Renaissance art and lavish elegance of the Valentino "Adam and Eve" dress gives way today to the no less beautiful, impressionistic embroideries of Michelle Kingdom, a teacher (and mum) in Los Angeles CA. The thickly laid threads pull shape and color into a very painterly style of story telling. They appear rough, sketched out, imprecise and wonderfully alive and sensual.

The LA-based artist grew up in a creative family and earned a BA in Fine Art from UCLA. But until recently, Michelle kept her vibrant, riotously lovely textile creations to herself.Michelle describes seeing her first piece of narrative embroidery in FiberArts magazine in the early 1990s. It struck a chord. “Figurative stories composed entirely out of thread – it felt like a direct link to my inner world, a medium tailor made for my secret thoughts.”

“My embroideries were almost like imaginary friends and I’ve only recently shown them to other people,” she says. For her, “embroidery became a very private form of art that I chose to keep to myself for many years. It was a refuge from outside influences, from judgemental thoughts that often sabotaged my attempts at painting.”

All images rights  reserved © Michelle Kingdom

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